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The DogAlong Bag has been designed with both the pet and its owner’s comfort in mind. The shape of the DogAlong Bag is meant to snuggle your pet down inside and make them feel like they are wrapped in your arms while providing you with hands-free convenience.

Quality Construction

The DogAlong Carrier is constructed of several different durable fabrics including (but not limited to) 100% cotton canvas, corduroy, leather; and is lined with fabrics options that provide warmth or coolness depending on weather and location.

Tons of Sizes

Pet carrier sizes are specially designed for the comfort of you and your small dog.

What people think of The DogAlong


Hello, my name is Yvette and I saw your product at the Pawsabilities this past weekend at Harrisburg Pennsylvania Farm Market and want to THANK YOU!!! Its a wonderful product. My small pomeranian loves it. My “Peluche” was tired of walking and I was also tired of carrying him as well. When I saw your product they are so cute and bought it at the activity and saw my pomeranian so comfortable and he fell asleep inside of it. I thought it would be hot for him but it wasn’t at all. I have a trip to Puerto Rico in July and I will use it when I travel and at the airport to carry my pet. THANK YOU!! I posted your website on facebook to my friends.

S Patrick

Better than described! Quality product and our puppy LOVES it! Thank you!

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